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Regional TV Advertising

Regional TV Advertising

Regional TV advertising equips businesses with the platform to reach highly localised, geographic populations of particular interest to a product or service. This allows TV advertisers operating on tighter budgets to focus their reach on the television viewers that really matter to their brand; eliminating wastage whilst boosting sales. Additionally, regional TV advertising works effectively as a test prior to national rollout, enabling business owners to gauge campaign effectiveness on a reduced scale. For more about how a regional TV campaign can support business growth, call Guerillascope today on 0800 357 675.

Regional TV Advertising Platforms

Sky Adsmart is a revolutionary new TV advertising service that enables businesses to reach target viewing audiences with unprecedented precision and specificity. Viewers can be reached by various criteria: including household composition, occupation, affluence and life stage, whilst 32 TV advertising regions and metropolitan areas make Adsmart the most detailed regional framework available to TV advertisers.

ITV is compartmentalised into 13 TV advertising regions, with room for even greater granularity available through a network of smaller micro-regions. ITV as a network covers over 26 million homes, providing national entertainment programming and local news broadcasts to 98% of the adult population and 98% of adults aged between 16 and 34.

Channel 4 offers regional TV advertisers a smaller network of six macro-regions, which although allowing less specificity, does endow businesses with larger areas to target. Due to its status as a digital terrestrial broadcaster, the Channel 4 network reaches the same percentage of adult viewers as ITV. Additionally, Channel 4 represents a a great opportunity for brands intent on reaching a regional 16-34 adult audience; typically one of the most sought-after buying audiences in the UK market.

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